Murano, I

Murano, I


A trio of sweetly colorful miniatures with touches of gold leaf. Completely enchanted by the island of Murano in Venezia, Italia, these colors appear throughout a lot of my work. This bundle is an homage to all the beautiful glass and colorfully painted homes that adorn this vibrant, ancient paradise.

These sisters are from an original painting that was created on watercolor paper with acrylic paint with multiple flowy layers. The sizes of the individual pieces vary as they are uniquely shaped, but on average they are approximately between 3 inches by 5 inches in dimension.

Interested in a custom mat for your artwork? Select from white, navy blue, kelly green, pink, coral, or robin’s egg blue double mats with gold reveal windows. Available in 12” x 12” ($25) or 8” x 10” ($15). Contact me to set up a custom listing to purchase.

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