The Essentials Sticker Collection

The Essentials Sticker Collection


The Essentials Sticker Collection was created to honor the wide range of moods we experience everyday. Colors speak to us in unique and personal ways — these stickers are all about you and how you wish to adorn your journal, planner, or laptop with eye-catching color. I am a fan of using these stickers to write personalized gratitude/words/mantras, and that’s why I’ve left them blank for you. Stick one on your mirror, inside a cupboard door, on your dashboard; wherever you need it most. Enjoy.

Each sheet has 20 different stickers that are detailed captures of original artwork by Olivia J Designs. Each sticker is a 2 inch” circle.

Shipping is included. Once your order is completed, you can expect your order to be delivered in 3-5 business days. If you are in need of express shipping, please contact me immediately after check-out.

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