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ethereal fine art for weddings & interiors

indulge in the dreamy

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original artwork backdrops



original paintings featured in brand shoot for

coconut whisk


adding a splash of color to match a happy and vibrant pastel vibe

the artwork selected for the coconut whisk photo shoot highlights the brand’s signature PASTEL palette, featuring the beautiful PACKAGING COLORS OF THEIR delicious vegan baking mixes.


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original PAINTING featured in

this celebrated life

cooking & entertaining blog by kirsten bell

Blogger Kirsten Bell of “This Celebrated Life” styled her indulgent Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake recipe photos with an original Olivia J Designs painting. this decadent dessert was paired with wARM JEWELS TONES AND TOUCHES OF GOLD LEAf.

Photo Credit: Kirsten Bell,  This Celebrated Life

Photo Credit: Kirsten Bell, This Celebrated Life

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We had a beautiful dream, and that was all
— Marie Antoinette
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what colors do you dream about?


abstract painting workshops

relax • play with your favorite colors • learn simple abstract techniques • enjoy your creative process


“Art is important for it commemorates the seasons of the soul. . .”


Kind Words ♡


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